The knowledge and understanding of real estate and financial markets is the key aspect to offer the best services to our clients.

Thanks to a team of experts and the support of Sarpi Group, Fides ADV provides to analyse the the main financial and real estate market results both in Italy and around the world.

“The value of transfer students’ real estate market”

Market research about transfer students’ real estate segment.

-Published on Corriere della Sera

“The most expensive one-room apartments in the world”

Market research about the one-room apartments selling price.

– Published on La Repubblica, Milano Finanza

“Celebrities’ houses in Milan”

Market research about the identification of the main housing features searching by celebrity people.

– Published on Milano Finanza

“Workshop spaces become loft”

Market research about thetrasformation of workshop spaces in residential loft.

– Published on Corriere della Sera